Our Products

Our products, mainly made of Inconel 718 and 625, can be found in the High Pressure Compressor (HPC) section of the latest generation of aircraft engines, e.g. engines that power the newest aircrafts such as the Boeing B777 and B787 which all have an excellent market outlook for the next two decades.

HPC Stator Vanes

2-D and 3-D Airfoils or 3-D sheet-metal components with aerodynamic geometries for Aeronautical and Aero-derivative applications as well as for Marine and Power Generation Turbine Engines.

HPC Stator Vane Segments

Besides 3-D ‘solid-rolled vanes’, our prime focus is to develop its business and expertise to produce complete Stator Vane Assemblies.

Components For HPC Stator Vane Segments

We have also developed very specialized expertise in the field of ‘cold working’, and expanded our product range with components, such as Stiffeners, Shrouds, Inner- and Outer- bands, that have synergy with our main products.

Others Components