Our Technology

JCS-Vanetec Pte Ltd has a full complement of in-house capabilities to produce Airfoils(also known as Vanes)made from uniform Airfoil Strip, or highly twisted tapered 3D Compressor Vanes for the latest generation of aircraft engines. Our patented “Cold Roll-Forging Process ” is capable of holding tight tolerances, whilst producing parts with no need for a subsequent finishing operation – such as machining or grinding – making our rolling process very cost-effective.

Methodologies for Vane manufacturing currently on the market are Forging, Electro Chemical Machining (ECM) or CNC-Machining. These processes are time consuming and incur a higher wastage of material, when machining from a solid block.

Compressor vanes are typically made out of Nickel based alloy, Titanium or enhanced Stainless Steels. These alloys, including Aluminum alloys, can be cold rolled for By-Pass Vanes.

  • CNC CMM with Airfoil Software
  • Airfoil Software